miðvikudagur, október 08, 2003

Ótrúlegustu sjálfspróf sem maður finnur á síðunni hennar Garúnar, og auðvitað verð ég að taka þau líka... (þegar ein kýrin pissar o.s.frv.)

Whoa. Hello, Mr/Miss Attitude. You would be the
type of drunk that would be quite angry and
want to get away from everyone, and not want to
deal with any trouble coming to you, especially
not cops. You like to do what YOU want. You
seem to be very annoyed with the world. It's
either that or you're somewhat depressed. You
find your relief most likely in alcohol and
other things. You don't like to be bothered
with anything. Calm down. Don't get too
frustrated. It might drive you to worse things.

If You Were to Get Drunk, What Kind of Drunk Would You Be?
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